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All you need to know


Where we are?

We are based in Cremona, in the northern of Italy near the fabulous Lake Garda. By car, I can easily reach Lake Como, Venice, Liguria and all  north of Italy. I can also easily reach Tuscany (we are about two hours away).

Puglia, the Amalfi coast, and all other regions by air.


Can we move from the studio at any time?


We receive only after previous  appointment, because, working also in other sectors we could be engaged or out of the studio.

What time do you receive customers?

From Monday to Friday we receive from 9.00 to 21.00, Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 to 17.00.

Do you also work abroad?

If you book at least 10 months before we can move throughout Europe, America and Australia.

How long will you stay with us?

Generally we stay with you from the preparations up to the dances but we have various packages that meet all the needs of our customers. Ask us by

e-mail our illustrative brochure.

Do you take group photos?

Yes, we generally suggest group shots with your friends & families,  plus a general picture with all your guests.


How many photographs will you deliver?

If I stay with you for the whole day, I will give you at least 600 perfectly post-produced photos in high resolution and I will send them with the web (if you are far away) or in person at our studio, so you can print them at your convenience.


Can we also have the photo album?

Yes, absolutely. We have the possibility to create completely personalized albums with an modern design. The photo albums we print are real ornaments that will leave your guests amused. We have various packages with more possibilities to customize.

We send albums all over the world.

Do you use Photoshop?

In the wedding photography, we try to not use it in order to keep the photo as  natural as possible. Generally we use only Lightroom to balance color and recreate a more engaging atmosphere. If you want retouching for skin or photomontages will be evaluated together with you with the relative cost.

Do you make video?

Yes, a part of my team is filmmaker and video maker. . We can use a drone for aerial shots.


How long does the delivery take?

By contract, the files will be delivered within 16 weeks. If you need to receive them faster, you can purchase the quick delivery service (5 weeks) separately.

What’s the price of your services?

My commission starts at a base of 2500 €, for the wedding photographic service only (not including album, print or travel expensive; see below).



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